With a privileged location in the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the port of Aveiro serves the vast economic hinterland of central and northern part of the country and the centre of Spain.
Being a national port infrastructure with recent planning, it has a well-structured and integrated area, with 7 specialized terminals with approximately 4 Km of pier and two intermodal logistic areas.
It is a multifunctional port, positioning itself primarily at the service of several industrial sectors in the region. Records a movement of about 5 million tonnes, with large areas for uncovered and covered storage.
The availability of spaces, associated with its usual decongested flow, allows the port of Aveiro to be a reference in the handling of project cargo. The North multi-use terminal offers capacity not only for handling and storage, but also for assembly activities with added value that involve time consuming operations. The Port Authority aims to study and offer the best-tailored solutions to each project.
The port of Aveiro also has a rail infrastructure with connection to the railway corridor of the trans-European transport network. The road accessibility, in highway, is very smooth and connects the port to the most important cities in Portugal and Spain.
Aveiro is a competitive port, efficient and sustainable. Has excellent productivity levels responding the most various challenges.





Edifício 9 – Forte da Barra

Apartado 91

3830-565 Gafanha da Nazaré

GPS | 40.646267 -8.732063